Breathing Easier

I’ve recently been introduced to how wonderful nasal irrigation is through my very first attempt to use a neti pot. I’ve always been aware of neti pots and nasal irrigation through my parents, but I always associated such hygienic maintenance with too much of an “ew gross” factor to try it myself. Well, a bought of congestion and a random boost in pure GUTSY-ness compelled me to finally try it.

Honestly, it was a bit difficult for me at first – I couldn’t seem to find the right angle to get a good flow. I persevered, and eventually it worked out, leaving me with absolutely the clearest sinuses I’ve had in ages. This is definitely going to become part of my routine. If you’re interested in trying nasal irrigation, don’t ask advice from an amateur like myself. Try people like the folks at Daily Cup of Yoga, who seem to really know what they’re talking about.


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